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Job Search Checklist

Starting the job search can be overwhelming. Check out our job search checklist as the first step to finding a job and hopefully making the process more clear.

Job Search Preparation (Resume, Cover Letter, Interviewing, etc.)

Before you actually apply for a job you need to get prepared with all of your application documents in order. Get tips on writing a stellar resume, cover letter, and learn techniques on how to ace your next interview.

Most Effective and Least Effective Ways to Find a Job

There are mulitiple ways to find a job. Find out which ones are the most and least effective and therefore what percent of your time should be spent on each strategy.

Beaver Careers

Beaver Careers is OSU Career Services’ online career management system and it is a great way for students and alums to get started in their job/internship search.

On-Campus Jobs

Many students want to work on-campus while going to school. Find out places you could possibly work and how to apply, including how to apply for work study jobs.

Online Job Search Engines by Category

There are many online job search engines available, many in niche categories such as green jobs, local jobs, entry-level jobs, federal jobs, and more!

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies is just another strategy to finding a job and particular companies sometimes only hire through an agency.

Resources for Graduate Students and Postdocs on Careers and Job Searching

Are you a grad student or post doc? Not sure about the job search? Here is a list of many resources available to you that will help answer your questions and get you started. Compiled in April 2005 by Karen Muskavitch, Boston College

Negotiations & Salary Information

Negotiating salary and benefits is something many people are not aware is oftentimes part of the job search process. Gain tips about how to do it succesfully!

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